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Splode from Cute

EEEeEEE11!!!!1 OMFG! *_*

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'Splode from cute!
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Welcome to splodefromcute!

Before joining our splode-worthy community, please take the time to read the community guidelines so that everybody has an enjoyable and pleasant experience in our user-driven community dedicated to finding the cutest animal pictures on the net!

Community Guidelines

  • 1. When making a new post, only ONE image/Youtube video is allowed outside of an LJ-cut.

  • 2. Resize any images that aren't inside of an LJ-cut to about 550 width. Pictures inside the LJ-cut may be bigger.

  • 3. This community is all about cute real ANIMALS. [Topics showcasing people of any age], drawings, spamming, off-topic or vulgar activity will not be allowed. We feel this is eventually best for the moral of the community itself. If a member is not aware of these rules and posts content that is not allowed, the CORRECT response is to contact the mods, not self-police with nasty comments in the posts... see Rule #4 - Megalion)

  • 4. Please be respectful of other community members. Being rude out of line will not be tolerated and may result in a community ban depending on the severity.


  • Q. Just exactly what *is* "Splode-worthy" material?
    A. Basically, images that aren't blurry, myspace-esque, or poor quality are definitely not really acceptable.

    Cute animals/pets = just cute animals and pets.

    Cute animals/pets doing cute things or in cute situations = splodeworthy.

    splodefromcute strives for finding spectacularly cute and adorable images of animals from all over the web.

  • Q. How do I make an Lj-Cut?
    A. Just copy and paste this into your post and you're set:

    <lj cut text=""> </lj-cut>

  • Q. Where can I host my photos on the internet?
    A. You may use any of these free websites:

  • www.photobucket.com

  • Q. I can't resize my pictures!
    A. No problem! Just use this simple to use website:

  • http://www.picresize.com/





    If you have any community questions or concerns, please contact prguitarman at either his Livejournal or e-mail, pr [at] prguitarman [dot] com

    *LJ Spotlighted on December 21st, 2008!

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